After Ken Jennings Clears Air Over Controversial Jeopardy Answer, Fans Are Calling The Show Out For An Inaccurate Clue: ‘So Easy To Fact Check’

It’s been an interesting season of Jeopardy! for Ken Jennings, who was named the solo host of one of the best game shows when Season 40 premiered last September. Not only has he witnessed several contestants qualify for the Tournament of Champions — including the polarizing Survivor alum Drew Basile — but he weathered viewers’ tournament fatigue and the backlash against his repeated use of the term “JIT” to come into his own as Alex Trebek’s successor. The fight’s not over yet, though, as the host was forced to clear the air over a controversial answer, and fans continue to call Jeopardy! out for its supposed inaccuracies. 

Ken Jennings Addresses ‘Very Harsh’ Ruling After Contestant’s Loss 

Fans were quite upset on behalf of Kelly Proulx on the July 3 episode of Jeopardy! when she was ruled incorrect for answering, “What is Bridalveil Falls?” rather than “Bridalveil Fall” in the singular form. One X (Twitter) user called the move “pedantic” and “disgusting,” while the judges’ call was intensely debated on Reddit, with one commenter saying, “fuck the judges for that ruling.” Ken Jennings addressed it with the contestants after the game, and his comments were aired on the Inside Jeopardy! podcast. The host said: 

All three of you played well, you [Kelly Proulx] kept him [Isaac Hirsch] honest. It was not a foregone conclusion until the very end. Sadly, Bridalveil falls with the ‘S.’ You know, it turned out nobody knew Mary Queen of Scots, so it didn’t really matter. I’m glad it didn’t hinge on my very harsh ruling on the ‘S.’

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