First US Teaser Trailer for ‘The Substance’ Horror Starring Demi Moore

First US Teaser Trailer for 'The Substance' Horror Starring Demi Moore

First US Teaser Trailer for ‘The Substance’ Horror Starring Demi Moore

by Alex Billington
July 11, 2024
Source: YouTube

The Substance Teaser

“Pretty girls should always smile!” Mubi has unveiled the first real teaser for the epic body horror movie called The Substance, which launched with a rapturous premiere at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival back in May. It’s the second feature directed by horror filmmaker Coralie Fargeat, who loves to use buckets of blood in her movies. “Have you dreamt of a better version of yourself? You. Only better in every way. Seriously.” You’ve got to try this new product. It’s called The Substance. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. It generates another you. A new, younger, more beautiful, more perfect, you. And there’s only one rule: You share time. One week for you. One week for the new you. 7 days each. A perfect balance. Easy. Right? If you respect the balance… what could possibly go wrong? This film stars Demi Moore, Margaret Qualley, and Dennis Quaid. Mubi says: “deliriously entertaining and ruthlessly satirical, Fargeat’s Cannes sensation turns toxic beauty culture inside out with a be-careful-what-you-wish-for fable for the ages. Explosive, provocative, & twisted, The Substance marks the arrival of a visionary filmmaker.” I’m a big fan of this film (my review)! It’s gross and wild and audacious! Thankfully there’s no spoilers in this teaser – most of you aren’t ready for this one.

Here’s the first teaser trailer (+ poster) for Coralie Fargeat’s The Substance, from Mubi’s YouTube:

The Substance Horror Poster

The Substance Horror Poster

Demi Moore gives a career best performance as Elisabeth Sparkle, a former A-lister past her prime and suddenly fired from her fitness TV show by repellent studio head Harvey (Dennis Quaid). She is drawn to the opportunity presented by a mysterious new drug: THE SUBSTANCE. All it takes is one injection and she is reborn – temporarily – as the gorgeous, twenty-something Sue (Margaret Qualley). The only rule? Time needs to be split: exactly one week in one body, then one week in the other. No exceptions. A perfect balance. What could go wrong? The Substance is written and directed by visionary French genre filmmaker Coralie Fargeat, director of the film Revenge previously, as well as a few other short films. Produced by Tim Bevan, Coralie Fargeat, Eric Fellner. This initially premiered at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival earlier this year (read our review) winning Best Screenplay. Mubi will debut Fargeat’s The Substance in select US theaters starting on September 19th, 2024 this fall before it’s streaming on Mubi to watch. Who’s down?


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