House Of The Dragon Has Used The Exact Same Foreshadowing Trick 2 Weeks In A Row With 2 Different Characters

Aegon the Young in House of the Dragon

Warning! This article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon.


  • House of the Dragon expertly teases the brewing Targaryen Civil War through clever foreshadowing scenes with toy dragons.
  • Rhaenyra’s son Aegon disregarding a toy dragon hints at his future disdain for dragons and eventual title as “The Dragonbane” after the dragons die out during his reign.
  • Alicent dropping a dragon figure whose wing snaps off links to Aegon and Sunfyre’s injuries in the Battle at Rook’s Rest, as well as the broader downfall of House Targaryen and the extinction of dragons.

House of the Dragon has teased future events with the same trick twice in as many weeks with two different characters. As was often the same with Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon is expertly teasing future events, namely the brewing Targaryen Civil War between dragons and their riders. As of House of the Dragon season 2 episode 4’s ending, this civil war finally burst into explosive life that saw Aegon aboard Sunfyre, Aemond riding Vhagar, and Rhaenys mounting Meleys, colliding in the Battle at Rook’s Rest.

Despite the Battle at Rook’s Rest officially beginning open combat in the Dance of Dragons, there are plenty more wars to come. The HBO show’s multiple upcoming seasons will detail the escalating civil war between the Targaryens, with recent events foreshadowing the future of House of the Dragon‘s cast of characters. In the two most recent episodes, the same foreshadowing trick has been used for two different characters, teasing several storylines for House of the Dragon season 3 and beyond.

Young Aegon’s Toy Dragon Foreshadows His Story After The Civil War

Rhaenyra’s Son Aegon Was Shown Playing With A Toy Dragon

Aegon the Young in House of the Dragon

The foreshadowing trick in question refers to the scenes involving small figurines of dragons in House of the Dragon season 2. The first time a toy dragon was shown was in House of the Dragon season 2, episode 3, in which young Aegon – Rhaenyra’s son with Daemon – was shown being handed one. Rhaenyra gives Aegon the toy before he immediately sets the dragon down and begins playing with another toy in the vicinity. While this could seem like an inconsequential scene, it actually includes hints at his story after the end of the Dance of Dragons.

The dragons die out during Aegon’s reign, earning him the moniker of “The Dragonbane…”

Much later in the Dance of Dragons, the many deaths and tragedies that befall House Targaryen see young Aegon inherit the Iron Throne. In Fire and Blood, the prequel to the A Song of Ice and Fire book series on which House of the Dragon is based, it is explained that Aegon dislikes dragons due to the horrors he experienced as a child during the civil war. Eventually, the dragons die out during Aegon’s reign, earning him the moniker of “The Dragonbane.” Aegon instantly disregarding the toy dragon in House of the Dragon season 2, episode 3 teases this future.

Alicent’s Dragon Model Foreshadows What Happens With King Aegon II

Alicent’s Foreshadowing Scene Teases Aegon’s Injuries

In House of the Dragon season 2, episode 4, Alicent is also shown playing with a dragon figurine from Viserys’ model. After being startled by the Grand Maester, Alicent drops the dragon to the floor and it breaks, its wing snapping off. This foreshadows what happened later in the episode with Aegon and Sunfyre at the Battle at Rook’s Rest. While it is not made abundantly clear in the show, it is distinctly written in Fire and Blood that Sunfyre’s wing is torn from his body during the battle as he and Aegon fall to the ground.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Fire and Blood and likely House of the Dragon’s future seasons.

Furthermore, Alicent’s dragon scene in House of the Dragon season 2, episode 4 actually foreshadows another scene in which Aegon and Sunfyre are injured later in the Dance of Dragons. Eventually, Daemon and Rhaenyra succeed in taking King’s Landing, with Aegon and the other surviving Targaryen smuggled out of the city to Dragonstone. Upon taking Dragonstone, Baela Velaryon escapes to her dragon Moondancer, only to be met by Aegon and recovering Sunfyre. The dragons battle above Dragonstone before an injury befalls Sunfyre and Aegon, which links to Alicent’s dragon figurine scene.


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During the battle, Moondancer targets Sunfyre’s injured wing. While Sunfyre is shown to be on the mend after the Battle at Rook’s Rest, Moondancer drastically injures the dragon once more and the two fall to the ground. Eventually, Sunfyre kills Moondancer. However, the dragon is rendered completely flightless afterward, again connecting to Alicent damaging the toy dragon’s wing. Similarly, Aegon jumps from the dragon’s back during the battle, breaking both of his legs.

Both Dragon Moments Foreshadow The Fall Of The Dragons

The Broader Downfall Of House Targaryen Is Represented By The Broken Dragon Toys

Dragons in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones

Finally, the two House of the Dragon scenes link to the broader story the show is exploring. House of the Dragon is about the downfall of House Targaryen, and how the Dance of Dragons severely weakened the noble family and led to its eventual downfall in Robert’s Rebellion. One of the defining aspects of the Dance of Dragons that saw House Targaryen incredibly weakened was the extinction of dragons.


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As mentioned, Aegon III’s reign eventually sees the dragons completely die out. This drastically weakens the military prowess of House Targaryen, with the dragon’s becoming extinct attributed to both the Targaryens’ eventual downfall and the Dance of Dragons. It is only when Daenerys’ dragon eggs from Game of Thrones are hatched almost two centuries later that the creatures are once again restored to the world. House of the Dragon showing both Alicent and Aegon disregarding or damaging dragon figures symbolizes the creatures’ eventual extinction, truly driving home the tragedy of the Dance of Dragons.

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