Joe Bradley Is Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9’s True Villain (He Always Brings The Drama)


  • Lead Deckhand, Joe Bradley, is the true villain on Below Deck Mediterranean season 9, stirring up drama with the crew members.
  • Majority of crew members on Mustique are new to the franchise but experienced in yachting industry.
  • Joe finds himself in a love triangle with Stews Bri and Ellie, causing drama but refusing to take any blame.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 9’s Lead Deckhand, Joe Bradley, has been acting like he’s not in the drama, but he’s actually the season’s true villain, living in the center of the drama from charter to charter. The majority of the crew aboard Mustique on Below Deck Mediterranean season 9 is new to the franchise, though none are new to the yachting industry. It’s not typical for the franchise to cast yachties who haven’t at least experienced a charter season in the past, even if their time aboard their past charters didn’t end favorably. For Joe, yachting has become a lifestyle.

While Joe has three years of yachting under his belt, it’s clear from his performance on Below Deck Mediterranean that he still has a lot to learn when it comes to the industry and the mechanical side of yachting. Though his time aboard Mustique has been an exciting adventure for Joe, there have been some difficulties in the way he’s interacted with the other members of the crew. While he’s built a strong bond with his fellow Deckhand Nathan Gallagher, Joe’s time spent with Stews Bri Muller and Ellie Dubaich has been consistently tough, pushing him into the superyacht’s drama.


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Joe Has Been Involved With Bri & Ellie’s Feud

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In the earliest days of Joe’s time aboard Mustique, the Below Deck Mediterranean star was introduced to Bri and Ellie, who would both be working on the interior team beneath Cheif Stew Aesha Scott. While Joe was quick to realize that he found both Ellie and Bri attractive, he let his relationships with them brew slowly instead of going after one or the other. After just a few days, both women realized they were interested in him, and while they’d shared with each other that they weren’t going to pursue boatmances, both were flirting with the newly minted Lead Deckhand.

While Bri and Ellie have been dealing with issues of their own outside of the boatmances they’ve both pursued with Joe, their drama does revolve around the Deckhand. Joe’s time aboard Mustique has been filled with drama already, especially considering he’s been going to both Bri and Ellie to see what’s happening and how he can help to smooth things over. After allowing Bri to sleep on the floor of his and Nathan’s bunk, and letting Ellie vent to him about the issues, Joe’s involved himself in the feud in a deliberate way that allows him to get out unscathed.

Joe’s At The Center Of The Season’s Love Triangle

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Although Joe has been moving through the charter season as though he’s not the center of a major love triangle, he’s the object of affection for both Bri and Ellie, which has made him a huge source of drama. Throughout his time aboard Mustique, Joe has been aware that the love triangle he’s involved in has made things difficult between Bri and Ellie, but he has been open to either woman as he’s moved through his time on the superyacht. After flirting with Ellie for the first two charters heavily, Joe hooked up with Bri and caused a huge rift.

Though the Stews share a bunk, Joe has been allowing Bri to sleep on the floor of his and Nathan’s bunk after the women had a scathing argument, with Bri unable to understand why Ellie was upset with her. Ellie shared that she wasn’t interested in continuing her personal relationship with Bri, revealing to Joe that while she was happy to continue being a professional mentor to her fellow Stew, she was struggling to move forward. Joe, who had heard both sides of the issues, decided that taking a step back from their drama would be better for him.

Joe Isn’t Taking Any Blame For The Drama

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Although Joe is the center of the Below Deck Mediterranean season 9 love triangle, he’s decided that stepping away from it and refusing to take any of the blame for himself is the right move. Instead of owning up to his part in creating the feud between Ellie and Bri, or trying to make things right between himself and either of the Stews, Joe has chosen to keep quiet and ignore the fact that he’s a major part of the problem. Choosing not to take any blame for the drama, Joe showed his villainous side in the most recent episode.

Joe Is Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9’s True Villain

As Below Deck Mediterranean season 9 continues, Joe’s time aboard Mustique has proven that he’s the actual villain of the season. While the love triangle has been his biggest misstep during the charter, Joe has also faced some issues on the exterior team as his inexperience has been showing from charter to charter. Though his work has typically been decent, his time on the superyacht has been focused on the love triangle, where his interpersonal skills have proven lackluster as he’s tried to balance both Bri and Ellie. As Below Deck Mediterranean’s newest villain, Joe has been pulling everyone’s strings.

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