Kunene welcomes new PA members, plans to expand ‘beyond coloureds’

The Patriotic Alliance has plans to expand its constituency beyond the coloured vote, its deputy president Kenny Kunene said on Thursday. 

The PA was arguably a big winner in the elections, walking away with a cabinet post and an MEC position in the Gauteng government.

Briefing journalists on its future plans, Kunene said the party has set its sights on the 2026 local government elections.

Kunene said despite 90% of its votes emerging from the coloured community, it will be venturing into other constituencies to expand its reach.

“We will be going to the white, Indian and black communities to spread the message of the Patriotic Alliance. A patriot is someone who loves his country and his community. We are the only party whose name defines our vision and mission.

“We are not about many things; we are about making South Africa right. We have learnt from countries like Singapore, Russia and China. When you put your country first, you will be able to grow the economy and stabilise the country,” he said. 

Kunene commended the party as the fastest growing political party, arguing it had seen its support increasing from 6,000 votes in 2019 to 330,000 votes. 

“It’s not just a statement — the numbers do not lie. We are now faced with local government elections in 18 months — not far away. Our plan is very simple, we are not going to wait for the announcement of the date of elections.”

The party boasts two seats in Gauteng, three in the Northern Cape, three in the Western Cape and two in the Eastern Cape.

The PA said it had opened its doors to new members who crossed the floor from other parties as part of its strategy to bolster its electoral support. Former MP and national organiser of the EFF Patrick Sindane ditched the red berets, alongside former MP Kenny Motsamai.

The two were excluded from the EFF’s candidate list for parliament after representing the red berets in the National Assembly after the 2019 polls.

The pair say they moved because the PA’s views on immigration, which resonate with their vision for the country.

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