Nathaniel Hackett: Offense has “completely different feel” this season

Nathaniel Hackett: Offense has "completely different feel" this season

The Jets considered a change at the top of their offensive coaching staff this offseason, but they ultimately did not bring in anyone over offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett ahead of his second season with the team.

Hackett’s first season did not go well as the Jets lost Aaron Rodgers four snaps into the year and failed to adapt on their way to finishing 29th in scoring and 31st in yards for the year. Rodgers is back and the Jets made moves across the offensive line and at receiver to upgrade their talent, but that’s not the only reason why Hackett thinks things will be better this time around.

During an appearance on The Official Jets Podcast, Hackett said he thinks the overall familiarity with the offense in Year Two will also be a plus.

“Anytime you’re in a second-year offense, it’s a completely different feel from when you first start,” Hackett said. “You’re installing plays, you’re installing alignments, and you’re talking about guys just trying to understand what they’re doing. Now you can really detail it up. You can talk about the intricacies of the route. You can experiment with new plays, new motions, all kinds of different, fun things. So it’s been really good. I think the guys have really enjoyed it.”

Hackett was fired as the Broncos head coach during the 2022 season and following that up with the offense’s dismal 2023 showing leaves him in as much need of a winning season as anyone in the NFL.

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