Neil Newbon ‘Isn’t Done’ With Astarion Despite Larian Moving on From Baldur’s Gate 3

Larian may be done with Baldur’s Gate 3, but Neil Newbon isn’t necessarily done with Astarion, nor the universe that he inhabits.

Speaking to IGN, Newbon said he didn’t feel done with Astarion despite developer Larian Studios itself moving on from the Baldur’s Gate franchise. Publisher Wizards of the Coast is making a ton of other Dungeons & Dragons games though, and Newbon is certainly up for appearing as Astarion in one of those.

“Most characters, once I’ve finished with the work, especially on long jobs, and this was a particularly long job, I usually have a compartmentalization and it’s like, ‘great, that’s done,’ I’m happy moving forward to the next role,” he said.

Neil Newbon says Astarion's rhythm is "still very much alive inside me."
Neil Newbon says Astarion’s rhythm is “still very much alive inside me.”

“With Astarion, his rhythm is still very much alive inside me somewhere and I feel I’m not done with him. But y’know, it’s not my call. Hopefully at some point I’m going to reprise him and I’d love to do that, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

When asked if he’d be interested in making the jump to live action with Astarion in another Dungeons & Dragons film, Newbon had a very clear response. “Oh my god, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” he said. “I would say yes.”

‘I live for that’

The same is true for Tyler, who voices the ever-present narrator of Baldur’s Gate 3. “Yeah, absolutely,” she said when asked if she’d want to reprise the role in another Dungeons & Dragons project. “Anything Dungeons & Dragons or tabletop related, absolutely, I live for that.”

Larian said in March 2024 it was done with Dungeons & Dragons despite the resounding success of Baldur’s Gate 3’s launch just months earlier. Wizards of the Coast was sure to announce more Dungeons & Dragons games after the role playing game arrived to immense critical praise though.

These include a cooperative multiplayer game from Payday 3 developer Starbreeze, a virtual reality game from Demeo creator Resolution Games, and a survival RPG life sim from Disney Dreamlight Valley developer Gameloft Montreal.

On the live action front, Paramount hasn’t officially announced a sequel to Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves but star Chris Pine says he’s “pretty confident” it will happen. Paramount has also ordered an eight episode run of a live action TV series, creating more space for a potential appearance of Astarion or other Baldur’s Gate 3 characters.

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