NGO takes Cricket SA to court for David Teeger captaincy saga

Witz said that while Teeger is a respondent, his family was not involved in the legal action. 

“Mr Teeger was cleared of any wrongdoing by an internal inquiry by CSA (chaired) by a senior counsel after all evidence was heard. Despite that, CSA come along and say there is a security threat, strip him of the captaincy, but still play him in the team.

“So what difference would this alleged security threat have made whether he is captain or playing? He’s still on the team,” said Witz.

Teeger had been subject to an inquiry by CSA after proclaiming his support for the soldiers of the Israeli Defence Force, at the Jewish Achiever Awards last October where he was the recipient of the “Rising Star Award”.

“I’ve been awarded this award, and yes, I am now the rising star, but the true rising stars are the young soldiers in Israel,” Teeger said at the function. 

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