OG Twister Director Complained About It Getting Called A ‘Sequel.’ Turns Out Twisters Lead Glen Powell Would Agree

Glen Powell and Bill Paxton

The new movie Twisters follows a similar plot to the 1996 film in storm chasers attempting to use a tornado research device to study a wild tornado in Oklahoma. The big difference is that a new generation of storm chasers is facing off more than one deadly tornado. While OG Twister director Jan de Bont complained about the upcoming disaster flick being called a “sequel,” its lead Glen Powell would have to agree on that.

As soon as Twisters’ Super Bowl trailer showed Glen Powell chasing not one but many cyclones occurring spontaneously in Oklahoma, it was clear the new summer flick plans to take us on a wild ride. Despite the fact that Twisters and the high-grossing 1996 movie are similar in plot, does that make the 2024 movie release a sequel or a reboot? Its lead Glen Powell and OG director of Twister Jan de Bont both weighed in on their answers.

Twister Jan de Bont’s Complaint of Twisters Being a Sequel

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