Ryan Garcia’s ex Andrea Celina accuses him of destroying home

Ryan Garcia's ex Andrea Celina accuses him of destroying home

The ex-partner of newly expelled boxer Ryan Garcia has accused him of trashing her home and sending harassing messages, including “ima f–k you up,” according to reports.

Andrea Celina — who shares two children, Bela and Henry, with Garcia — allegedly posted messages and screenshots detailing the boxer’s purported behavior towards her, which were shared Tuesday night on X by the @oocmma account.

The account also shared a video released by Garcia, who alleged he caught her cheating on him.

Ryan Garcia and Andrea Celina. @kingryan/Instagram

The videos and allegations come just days after Garcia was expelled by WBC over a racist and profanity-laced rant.

“After I blocked him from his original number because he was calling me names, I decided that I was just gonna move forward with the lawyers handling visitation since he can’t handle being nice and stop harassing me,” the message allegedly from Celina read.

“Ryan needs to focus on getting sober. I do not want anyone who is always under the influence around my children and causing harm and destroying our home physically has destroyed all of our TVs and has broken everything in my house because he acts like a child.”

A separate slide featured an alleged conversation with Garcia, in which he blamed Celina for his problems while asking to see their children.

In the exchange, Celina accuses Garcia of “abusing” them and “breaking our home,” while also referencing “shrooms being left around.”

Another shot displayed seven calls from Garcia in a 10-minute period.

Celina later included a screenshot of an alleged exchange with several disturbing messages.

Garcia allegedly threatened with, “ima f–k you up” and “ima find you,” while also calling her a “b—h” and a “w—e.”

“Im supposed to coparent under this circumstances?” Celina captioned the text exchange.

The next two photos showcased what appears to be a trashed home, with debris and flowers scattered about the floor.

“Slandering my name when ive been nothing but forgiving!” Celina allegedly wrote to caption the second photo. “If you love and support Ryan you would encourage him to get help! Enough is enough this man is not stable and it’s clear he is struggling.”

Her posts ended with footage of a figure lifting an item above their head amid the destruction.

“So now that I’ve been super patient and have tried to get him help myself since everything I did failed,” Celina appeared to write. “I now put my foot down and decided that he will need to see his children’s (sic) with supervision and through the lawyers because I cannot mentally keep up with this anymore.”

Andrea Celina. @dreacelina/Instagram

As Celina made these allegations, Garcia allegedly posted videos to his Instagram account showcasing his ex while accusing her of being unfaithful.

The video opens soundless with an upset Celina holding her hands over her face with the caption, “When she got caught cheating and broke the babies bottle,” written across.

What appears to be a broken bottle with spilled milk is then displayed.

The Instagram Story then shifts to another video captioned “I caused a mental breakdown after getting caught now he’s a friend?”

Celina still seems shaken while holding a phone above her face.

“You harassed me and you caused me to have a mental breakdown … can you please,” she said.

Ryan Garcia (L) while fighting Devin Haney in April 2024. Getty Images

Garcia interjected, “This is what happens when you get caught.”

“Doing what?” Celina responded.

Garcia fired back: “We got messages. George said you were a girl that you got bored with.”

Celina then said he’s a friend who is gay.

Garcia and Celina began dating in 2019, according to People, and he filed for divorce in January.

Garcia also went on tweet-spree Tuesday night, allegedly referencing Sean “Diddy” Combs, among other thoughts.

Ryan Garcia is alleged to have sent harassing messages. Getty Images

“Diddy running around free I wonder why And yall worried about me,” he allegedly posted Tuesday in a since-deleted tweet, as captured by Larry Brown Sports, seemingly alluding to allegations lobbied against the hip hop mogul.

Garcia then tweeted Wednesday morning he was “Headed to Bangkok.”

He recently made headlines after being expelled by the WBC, which he followed by issuing an apology on social media last Friday and saying he was going to rehab.

In June, the New York State Athletic Commission suspended Garcia for one year for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

Garcia’s representatives had no comment on the incident with Celina.

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