The Boys’ Original Black Noir Star Recalls Transition Into The Seven’s New Supe Version

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Boys season 4, episode 7!


  • Nathan Mitchell explains what it was like transitioning from the original Black Noir to Black Noir II, a completely new character introduced during
    The Boys
    season 4.
  • Black Noir II is different – he can speak and fly, while also growing disillusioned with his role on the Seven.
  • The Boys
    season 5 is likely to continue his role in the series, though where his story ends up remains to be seen.

The Boys star Nathan Mitchell has opened up about the transition from portraying Black Noir for most of the show, into becoming the new version of the Supe introduced in season 4. While the actor has played the character since the show began, the original died at the end of The Boys season 3, killed by Homelander for the attempted murder of Soldier Boy. However, Mitchell still returned to portray Black Noir II, a new character posing as the original version to cover up his death.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Mitchell explained what it was like transitioning from the original version of Black Noir to the new character seen in The Boys season 4. The actor revealed it took some time to process the decision made by showrunner Eric Kripke, but realized how good it would be for the story. He also talked about what it was like to die as the original version of the character, knowing he himself would still be back. Check out what Mitchell had to say below:

I am not sure what my face was doing, but my heart dropped. Then [showrunner Eric Kripke] was like, “But you’re coming back!” For me, it’s interesting because you hear actors talk about how you play a role and it becomes a part of you. I have connections to my characters, but I haven’t thought too deeply about that. When I found out Noir was dying, damn, it did hit me. I did feel like I was losing someone. Kripke gave me the option of being Noir unmasked in season 3 or unmasked in season 4. My first inclination was to go down with the character because I was so connected to him and have so much love for him. Then I took a day or two to think about it, and I’m like, “It’s smarter to be New Noir. I’ll be New Noir.” But it was a mourning process for me a little bit. Even when we filmed that [death] scene at the end of season 3, at the beginning it felt like someone was dying. That was an experience I didn’t think I would have.

Why Black Noir II Is The Perfect Continuation Of The Character

He’s The Oppostie Of His Original Counterpart

Black Noir II is a much different character from the original rendition, having the ability to speak as well as fly, unlike his predecessor. As The Boys season 4 progresses, the actor who plays him grows increasingly more disillusioned about the role, believing he’s not living up to his full potential. This was seen most recently in season 4, episode 7, when he spoke and flew in front of Starlight and Butcher while he and the Deep attacked their headquarters.

His differences are also seen in the way he conducts himself, with him not being afraid to speak to others in private and even taking off his mask at one point. While he’s maintained loyalty to Homelander up to this point, season 4, episode 6 hinted that he could end up leaving the team, starting to become less happy with his role. However, with the latest episode showing him and the Deep working together – coupled with Sister Sage leaving the team – he could end up trapped with Vought, forced to work for the Seven’s leader.

While it’s unclear what will happen to Black Noir II next, Mitchell hinted that Kripke already has plans for where to take him in The Boys season 5. Because of this, it seems he is going to continue being a powerful presence as the show goes on, somehow still involved in Homelander’s exploits moving forward. With plenty still left to explore about the new version of the character, it remains to be seen where his story is going to be taken next.

The Boys
season 4 has one episode left, “Assassination Run,” which arrives Thursday, July 18 on Prime Video.

Source: EW

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