“The Team is Handicapped”: Gilbert Arenas Responds to Backlash from Sacramento Kings Fans for “Ugly City” Comment

"The Team is Handicapped": Gilbert Arenas Responds to Backlash from Sacramento Kings Fans for "Ugly City" Comment

Sacramento has personally offended Gilbert Arenas for winning the DeMar DeRozan sweepstakes and being happy about it. The city has been celebratory ever since the Kings acquired the 6x All-Star from Chicago. When everyone was counting on Deebo’s homecoming to California, it wasn’t like this. And it made Arenas extremely furious. Enough to go on an expletive-laden rant against the entire city of Sacramento. Naturally, its denizens responded similarly. Not one to gloss over comments at him, Agent Zero had a few more words for Kings fans.

This is not a fan problem,” he initially acknowledged on this week’s Gil’s Arena. However, he went on to say, “Unfortunately, the fanbase and the [Kings] organization are on two different wavelengths.” According to him, the fans will support their team regardless of what decision they make, whether they acquire players like DeRozan or not. Arenas has an issue with whether the Kings and DeRozan are a good fit.

The team is handicapped by just the market itself. So they can’t put a team together that could actually, possibly win it. They just can’t,” Gilbert Arenas stated. No Chill Gil is referring to the huge gamble the Kings have made. Fielding offers from the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, and Kings, DeRozan agreed to a sign-and-trade to the Kings on Monday.


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The 34-year-old signed a three-year deal worth $73.7 million with a $10 million partial guarantee in the final year. They also signed a four-year $78 million contract with Malik Monk and re-signed Alex Len. They traded Chris Duarte to the Bulls and Harrison Barnes to the Spurs. According to some perspectives, DeRozan is a definite upgrade to the team but it wouldn’t have been if they didn’t retain Monk.

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However, analysts are doubtful about how effective will DeRozan be with De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis. Somehow it’s believed the Spurs, who also got first-round draft picks, are the only winners in this deal. The Kings don’t usually attract such blockbuster trades, which is why Arenas is still not confident if only DeRozan is enough to increase their championship chances.

Gilbert Arenas is comfortable with Sacramento’s ire


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After DeRozan sealed the deal with Sacramento, Arenas had the biggest reaction against it. “F*k the Kings, man,” he said. Referring to former Lakers coach Phil Jackson’s infamous comments, he ranted, “I need to call DeMar man like, don’t you like big cities, bro? You keep going to these weak a* cities. …(DeRozan) is going down to Hicksville…a stank, ugly city… They rank no. 1 in people just being ugly over there.” He dragged DeRozan’s previous teams, Chicago and San Antonio, into it too.

Kings fans didn’t take kindly to it. Neither did De’Aaron Fox. He subtly defended Chicago and San Antonio on X and left Sacramento’s standing implied. Gil didn’t comment at Fox but at Sacramento residents.

While playing with the Warriors, Gilbert Arenas got used to the boos of Kings fans and this is nothing new to him. But he sort of acknowledged Gil’s Arena won’t be doing a live show on the Kings’ turf any time soon.


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