Titanic Expedition Searching For Fascinating At-Risk Artifacts

This July, join RMS Titanic, Inc. as they team up with world’s leading oceanographers, scientists, and historians for a historic dive to the Titanic. They’ll use cutting-edge technology and high-resolution photography to capture images that reveal the condition of the site and artifacts like these that are still at risk.

1. Jeweled Rubaiyat
This rare book could tell its own story, but it’s buried under 124 years of muck and debris. With only 1% chance of ever recovering it, this now sure-to-be unrecognizable relic is the “Holy Grail” of artifacts.

2. Renault Type CB Coupe de Ville Car
Fun fact! This car was famously portrayed in the movie, but in real life It was disassembled and shipped in multiple crates—not put together as we remember in the film.

3. Megalodon Tooth Necklace
Now, that’s sharp! This gold necklace features a prehistoric pendant made from a Megalodon Shark tooth; a species of shark that went extinct 3.6 million years ago.

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4. Safes & Suitcases
The one out of the six first-class safes found only had a few coins inside, but lost bags made of tannin-cured leather preserve plenty of fragile contents and personal artifacts that can identify their previous owners.

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