Tytus Howard aided by Houstonians after truck gets stuck in hurricane floodwaters

Houston still has not recovered from Hurricane Beryl, which hit the city with 80 mph winds on Monday. More than a million people remain without power four days after the Category 1 storm made landfall.

Texans offensive lineman Tytus Howard was affected by the storm, getting his lifted 4×4 truck stuck in floodwaters.

“Tell me why I done let my truck slide into a ditch of like 4ft of water. Well, half the truck,” Howard wrote on social media. “I’m need somebody with a tractor to come pull it out lol so I can get it towed.”

Howard told teammate Laremy Tunsil it was a “long story” about how the truck got stuck, and he later posted video and photos of Houstonians coming to the rescue of the truck.

“Am I officially a Houstonian now?” Howard asked.

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