Where Was The Beekeeper Filmed? Jason Statham’s Action Movie Filming Locations Explained


  • Jason Statham’s
    The Beekeeper
    was mostly filmed in Kent and London in the United Kingdom.
  • Important scenes took place at Kingsferry Bridge and Tyringham Hall, enhancing the movie’s visual appeal.
  • London also served as the Boston stand-in, keeping the number of filming locations pretty modest for an action blockbuster.

After a solid theatrical run, Jason Statham’s The Beekeeper has landed on streaming, prompting many viewers to wonder where, exactly, the action blockbuster was filmed. Across many big-budget action franchises, from The Expendables to Fast & Furious, location can make or break a film. After all, iconic or unique vistas can add quite a bit of visual flair to a chase sequence or gunfight. Director David Ayer’s The Beekeeper is no exception to that rule of thumb. Bolstered by a screenplay by Kurt Wimmer (Salt), The Beekeeper stars Statham as Adam Clay, a mysterious man who tends to bees.

When Adam’s landlord, retired school teacher Eloise Parker (Phylicia Rashad), falls for a phishing scam, the heartbroken woman dies by suicide. Devastated, Adam contacts the titular Beekeepers, a covert organization, to aid him in his quest for revenge. A former Beekeeper operative himself, Adam Clay leaves a bloody trail in his wake, making for some incredibly satisfying action-thriller moments. Best known for his $7.3 billion franchise role, Jason Statham proves why he’s one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars with The Beekeeper — though the exciting filming locations certainly help turn the derivative movie into a memorable one.

Kent, United Kingdom Was The Beekeeper’s Primary Filming Location

Kingsferry Bridge & Tyringham Hall Serve As Key Locations In The Beekeeper

The filming locations are as real as The Beekeepers: there’s something genuine despite the lack of authenticity. That is to say, the Statham-led action-thriller did film on location, but it stuck to the United Kingdom even when the script called for Massachusetts or other US-based settings. Kent, a county situated southeast of London, did a lot of heavy lifting in The Beekeeper. For starters, the lush 1200-acre farm land shown in the beginning of the film — where Adam Clay and Eloise Parker live — are Castle Farm and Lower Austin Lodge in Eynsford.

…the production set up camp at Tyringham Hall, an 18th-century haunt.

One of the film’s most memorable stunt sequences, in which a scammer, Mickey Garnett (David Witts), is tied to a car and dragged off of a bridge, was filmed on the Kingsferry Bridge. To complete the stunt work, the production had to close down the Kingsferry Bridge, which is one of the crossings that connects mainland Kent to the nearby Isle of Sheppey. The movie’s most refined filming location appears in The Beekeeper‘s ending. The film’s antagonist, Derek Danforth (Josh Hutcherson), lives on a sprawling estate, so the production set up camp at Tyringham Hall, an 18th-century haunt.

Key Filming Locations in The Beekeeper

Significance In The Film

Jermyn Street (London)

The Boston skyline stand-in.

Kingsferry Bridge

Mickey is dragged in a stunt scene.

Tyringham Hall

Derek Danforth’s estate.

Castle Farm and Lower Austin Lodge (Eynsford)

Eloise & Clay’s homes.

Washington, D.C.

Establishing shots.


How Many Beekeeper Agents Exist In The Beekeeper?

The Beekeeper revealed some basic info about the organization, but some viewers may still be wondering how many Beekeepers are active at one time.

The Beekeeper Also Filmed On Location In London, United Kingdom

The City Serves As A Boston Stand-In Throughout The Film

Not too far from Kent, London serves as the secondary filming location for The Beekeeper. Although the movie’s production notes credit Boston as a filming site, it’s likely referring to the footage used for establishing shots of the Massachusetts city. That said, London serves as a stand-in for Boston’s buildings and streets. Much like The Beekeeper‘s cast of characters, the film keeps its number of filming locations pretty modest, especially in comparison to other continent-hopping blockbusters. In particular, 130 Jermyn Street in London serves as the backdrop for Adam’s meeting with the FBI in The Beekeeper.

As of July 2024, The Beekeeper is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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